The dachshund who came to tea

I came home early today from the office because I have my annual bout of snivelling dribbling ghastly flu.

Thankfully, I had found this pattern on Pinterest the other night – dachshund sewing pattern by hersheyismybaby on Etsy – so there was plenty to keep me occupied between cups of camomile tea, naps and nose-blowing.

Dachsie 1
Fabric is Liberty tana lawn ‘Elevenses’ bought from

Only problem with the pattern is it doesn’t tell you how big to do the seam allowances. I went for around 5mm, judging against the photo-tutoral instructions that come with the pattern.

Dachsie 2

I haven’t bothered with the embroidered nose because the (gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous) fabric is busy enough already. I bought about 4 metres of this fabric a few months back; and this is at least the third project it’s featured in. Next I want to make a Datura blouse by Deer and Doe using it.

Anyway photos of my dachsie, whose name I think should be Frognal:

Dachsie 3 Dachsie 4 Dacshie 5

And finally, Frognal wouldn’t be a real dog unless he’d done battle with Rune:

Rune and Dachsie1Rune and Dachsie2


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