The Purse-uit of Happiness

I can’t stop myself from squealing with joy at these little beauties I’ve been making this weekend for Christmas presents. It’s going to be hard to part with them, I love them so!

Four purses

First stop was a vague recollection of having seen a tutorial somewhere for how to draft your own pattern for a clip frame purse. I wasn’t able to find this again, so ad-libbed. In the end I tried three different methods, each better than the one before.

First up was a scrap of my beloved ‘Elevenses’ Liberty tana lawn, with some organic cotton from Ray Stitch and an 8.5cm copper-effect Prym clip frame from John Lewis.

The incredibly unhelpful instructions that came with the clip frame instructed one to ‘cut out pattern’ without actually giving any hints as to how best to draft one, other than an outline of the frame drawn on the paper. I did mine using the top edge of the frame (plus seam allowance) as a guide, then widened out for the underneath; so essentially a wonky circle-like shape. Only problem with this is that the final thing lies very flat – it would have been better to have made the top arc wider than the frame.

Purse Number 1:

IMG_8734 IMG_8735 IMG_8736

I learned my lesson; and for the next purse (using some fabulous little square frames from Ray Stitch), I made the top wider. I also resolved to use thread the colour of the lining to sew on the frame!

Here’s a photo of the negative of my pattern piece:


And here’s Purse Number 2:


The fabric is hard-to-come-by Lizzy House ‘Constellation’ in dark blue; the lining is a Liberty tana lawn called ‘Kerry’s Flock’. It’s all rather scrumptious.

My final improvement to the pattern was to give less width at the hinge and a cute little tote-bag style flat bottom.

Here’s the pattern piece:


And here’s Purse Number 3:


I actually feel like I might expire through too much cuteness. I bought the fabric (Heather Ross’s ‘Clothes Lines’ for Kokka – see the owl making off with someone’s pants?!) today at Ray Stitch, and feel like it should be used for at least everything in my life. Unfortunately, I only got 25cm of it, so will have to ration it! The lining is from a tiny scrap of ‘Farhad’ Liberty tana lawn from the Spring/Summer 2013 range. So far I’ve used the two 50cm pieces of this fabric I bought in June to make a knitting needle case, a Wiksten tank top, and this.

Following the same pattern, I’ve also made this purse, with Lizzy House Constellations range ‘Supernova’ and lined with the other colour of Liberty’s ‘Farhad’:



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