Gingerbread treehouse: part 2 – in which, liquorice

Now that I’ve sufficiently calmed down (actually, I’m still way too over-excited, but no matter) about my lovely little gingerbread treehouse, I can introduce it properly to you – liquorice ladders and all.


The ladders are made from liquorice glued together with icing. They’re a bit bendy, but I hope that the air will harden them eventually (but not too much – I want them to be edible after Christmas!).

IMG_8843 IMG_8836IMG_8848 IMG_8834 IMG_8833 IMG_8832

Stained glass windows are a bit of a family gingerbread tradition. The treehouse has them on every side except the floor. I’m especially pleased with how well some of the larger windows turned out. Next year I might try for something a bit more modern, with big glazed sections. Or maybe just another treehouse!



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