Top of the Fox

A few months ago I discovered Deer & Doe patterns, from France. They are absolutely beautiful, and I promptly bought three without a clue as to what I wanted to do with them, aside from a bit of French revision.

Simultaneously, I was having one of my periodic moments of extreme covetousness for fabrics, and bought some fabulous foxy quilting cotton by Sarah Watts from Miss Ginger’s.

And so, last weekend, the Datura fox blouse finally started to take shape.Greymalkin on Datura pattern

There was a wee setback in the form of Greymalkin, because of which I was forced to postpone operations for some time. However, we got there in the end.

The Greymalkin interlude actually proved helpful, as it gave me time to think harder about how I wanted to use the patterned fabric in the design – these mockups were done while Gremmie was sprawled on the datura blouse copy

In the end I went for a plain collar, but added yellow piping (made from bias binding tape and cord, both from MacCulloch and Wallis).Datura blouse frontDatura blouse backDatura blouse button detailDatura blouse buttonhole detail


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