After the deluge

I feel like the sun hasn’t shone in a month; and whilst I have not had to worry about flooding where I live, it has been a long time since I’ve had the chance to do some sewing in the sunshine.Sunshine sewing

Today I altered a quite ugly Ikea curtain for a work colleague, so that it will fit in her window; and then moved onto the slightly more interesting task of making a long-overdue iPad mini case for a family friend.

ipad mini case solsetur
The outer is Liberty ‘Solsetur’ tana lawn; the inside is organic cotton from Ray Stitch

I considered using felt to pad the case out, but then decided to buy a sleeve made out of that wetsuity material, from the fabulous Tiger on Finchley Road, and cover it.ipad mini case solseturipad mini case solsetur

I still have some hand sewing to do, but I think I’ll take it with me on the Overground this afternoon and finish it then.

The nice thing about making stuff for other people is it gives me some breathing space to figure out what I want to make for myself!

I’ve been thinking about scallops for quite a while, and last night drew up some ideas on the front of the newspaper:the year of the scallop

From left to right, the patterns I’m considering using are: 1. Plantain tee by Deer & Doe (completely copying the idea of Full Time Vixen – here); 2. Short Chataigne again by Deer & Doe; 3. and finally Garmenter’s Nora skirt.

I also went to Ray Stitch yesterday with a friend and saw this top:Simplicity 8523

I really like how the ombre fabric works with the pattern (Simplicty 8523). I did some digging when I got home and found this lovely example from Mrs Pomeranz; and now I would rather like to make myself a sundress out of the same fabric! It’s Mo Coppoletta’s design ‘Growing Fonder’ for Liberty.


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