Spring sewing

Some time in early March the weather all of a sudden became glorious for a weekend, and I thought: I need a semi-nice sweatshirt.

A trip to the ‘other’ Cloth House (at the south end of Berwick Street) furnished me with some gloriously cosy fabric – natural cotton jersey with coloured flecks on the front, cosy fluffy fuzzy wonderfulness on the back. And after a bit of help from youtube and a close examination of an old hoodie, I whipped up this sweatshirt based on my favourite t-shirt:

Dropped sleeve sweatshirt

Dropped shoulder sweatshirt cuff

Dropped shoulder sweatshirt

Sadly… I didn’t wash it first. And when, after wearing it night and day for three weeks I put it through the washing (on cold!) it shrank considerably in length.  😦  So it’s now the length of those cropped t-shirts that Topshop girls wear. But whatever. I still love it and wear it almost as much as before.

I went back to Cloth House to get more of the same fabric in another colour, but they were out of the fluffy kind. So I got another 1.5m of navy blue ‘summer-weight’ fabric, carefully washed it (it hardly shrank at all), and made sweatshirt #2. This time with raglan sleeves. It is a bit humongous. I have given it to my mum.

raglan sweatshirt

Then I had enough navy and enough white fabric to make sleeves… But not bodies. So back to Cloth House for a metre more of each. I washed them together, and the white came out 70cm long whereas the blue had become 120cm long. So confusing! I can only think they gave me extra blue because it was the end of the bolt. Anyway, sweatshirt #3 was born. This is for a man friend, but I love it so much I want to make one for me too now. Time to get back to Cloth House!

manly sweatshirt and Rune

manly sweatshirt making-of

manly sweatshirt 1

manly sweatshirt 2

manly sweatshirt 3

manly sweatshirt 4


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