Miserably rainy bank holiday weekend could only mean one thing… Slaving away for 10 hours in front of the sewing machine! Fun times.

I finished a dress (next post probably, when I’ve ironed it) and also made this:

Tablet case

And this:

Headphones case

En bref: matching tablet and headphones case in Liberty Elevenses fabric.

For the headphones case I used this tutorial, but made up the pattern pieces because I couldn’t be bothered to download the one given. Seemed to work fine!

Earphones case Earphones case

And as for the tablet case, I made it up essentially. The hard innards are chopped out of some dense foam-board that I received as part of the packaging on a parcel at work, and smuggled home last week. The tana lawn is interfaced throughout, and the foam-board is covered in felt on the outer faces.

Tablet caseTablet case Tablet case Tablet case Tablet case Tablet case


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