The Tulgy Woods

As mentioned in my last post, I made a dress. It’s just taken ages for me to post it…



The pattern was the marvellous Christine Haynes Emery dress, with a few alterations.

Firstly, mine is a  lightweight summer dress so I didn’t do lining anywhere.


Secondly, I ditched the back zip and replaced it with buttons.


And finally, I altered the neckline and gave it a scooped back.



Sadly I have been shrinking recently, so the dress is a rather loose fit at the moment. Seems to work OK with a belt though. I evidently am not consuming enough icecream.

The fabric is Liberty tana lawn, in the design “Branchflower”. I completely adore it. It’s like the woods the prince goes through to find the Jabberwocky, or the brambles he hacks his way through to get to the enchanted castle.
No dress would be complete without POCKETS!



One thought on “The Tulgy Woods”

  1. POCKETS!! Every good dress must have them!! I’m loving your blog, btw! Going for my first dressmaking class this weekend, super excited!

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