Throne of the Button King

I finally (three years later…) got round to making a cover for the papasan chair.

This was my throne, my nest, and my cocoon at university, but Rune has commandeered it now. And it is FILTHY with the dirt of his mucky paws and unkempt fur. So high time for a cover, which I whipped up in half an hour last night on the overlocker / sewing machine.

It has a zip to get the cushion in (and out). The zip was from a crazy haberdasher in North Finchley, called “Finishing Touches” (or somesuch) where they also had a huge box of discontinued sewing patterns at £1 apiece! Needless to say I got seven…

Anyway. The throne:


The fabric (and the rug, evidently!) is from Ikea.


Rune inspects my handiwork.



It passed the test!


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