I have a thing about sloths. I really love them. The more interested I get in moss gardens the more I admire them. They go to the trouble of rubbing excrement into their fur in order to foster a healthy growth of moss of their bodies, for snacks on the go and fabulous eco hipster look.

But aside from the fact that they smell of composts, sloths are super cute, super slow, and basically like leftover coat hangers from the Age of Dinosaurs. So when I saw some incredible slothtastic fabric online I had to have it.

I’ve made myself these brilliant sloth pyjamas, loosely based on this free Simplicity pattern. I made the legs wider, gathered the waist and ankles, ditched the waistband, and added sweatshirting cuffs to the waist and ankles. This means I can traipse around the house pantaloonishly.

sloth pyjamassloth pyjamassloth pyjamassloth pyjamassloth pyjamas

Inside it’s all French seams, because the fabric is double gauze, which frays rather a lot. I’m going through a double gauze phase right now, and obsessing rather more about Japanese fabric than I used to. It’s rather fun to be trying out fabrics that Liberty does’t make! Although they’re certainly missing a trick with double gauze. I would wear this stuff all the time if I could.


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