Bluebells and a skirt

I was in Wales a few weeks ago, and spent a lovely morning sewing a skirt and then found myself running about in a bluebell wood near Crickhowell in the afternoon. I’ve never seen a bluebell wood before. It was incredible.


crickhowell bluebell wood crickhowell bluebell wood

Anyway, the fabric I used for the skirt was some long-hoarded Martha Negley ‘Feathers’ quilting cotton; and the pattern was McCalls 6706, which I mostly bought for the petticoat pattern but haven’t got round to making that yet.

Although this skirt is great, it joins the burgeoning ranks of the Skirts That Stick To My Legs When I Wear Tights club. I really have to get round to making some sort of slip or petticoat to disband this club once and for all.

feathers skirtfeather skirtYou can see the skirt sticking to my legs as I frolic amongst the bluebells. Sigh.



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