Flower power

Mmmmm I love this dress. I made it over three nights after work one week recently.


The fabric is brushed cotton in another wonderful design from Nani Iro. I of course realised before cutting that I was a metre-and-a-bit short of fabric for this pattern, so had an emergency online shop to get some more over from Japan pronto,from the perennially wonderful Miss Matatabi. In the end I used about 3 metres.


The pattern is drafted from the Merchant & Mills Factory Dress, but I removed 8 cm from the bodice at the waist to shorten it, and drafted my own gathered skirt. I also moved the pocket up a wee bit so it wasn’t so close to the waist seam.



Generally I found the instructions fairly easy to follow, but the pattern itself was disappointingly mystifying in places. For example, the markings for the dart don’t make a straight line if you joined the dots. And the markings for the pocket look exactly the same and are in the same part of the bodice, which adds another layer of confusion.

Nonetheless, common sense won out and I love this dress. I wore it to see the incredible Giffords Circus last weekend, and felt like a gleeful 5-year-old in it. I wore it again in the week to see Twelfth Night performed in a balmy, blossoming London churchyard and felt strangely camouflaged sitting among roses. In other words, a marvellous dress that will get to go to many exciting places with me.


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