Happy new year! My resolution this year is to knit myself a jumper. With all the knitting I’ve done, I’ve only ever made myself one jumper, and I kind of hate it. It was a bulky/easy project that I made to prove I could make a jumper, and I only wear it now when the boiler breaks down. First step in my new jumper mission will be to translate the pattern from Japanese…

I’ve been enjoying knitting more thouggt-through things recently. For Christmas I made my sweet little cousin another Wowligan (inspired by the finest My Little Pony colours of my youth), and a Wiksten lamb hat.

rainbow wowligan and wiksten lamb hat

Too much cuteness!

The Wowligan is knitted out of Debbie Bliss baby yarns and the rabbit and phone buttons came from Cloth House on Berwick Street; the lamb hat is made out of something fluffy I picked up at John Lewis.

rainbow wowligan rainbow wowligan

Wiksten lamb hat 2015-12-21 19.30.23 Wiksten lamb hat

Here’s my cousin hanging out in her animal disguises:

… And with her mum (of whose hat, more next time…)



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