The soul of the rose

When I saw this Liberty fabric it reminded me of Waterhouse’s painting, The Soul of the Rose, which has hung in poster form in my mum’s bedroom for as long as I can remember, and for which I have a big soft spot (although I have always been perplexed by her neck). It’s also very Arts-and-Crafts, or Morris-ian.

It’s called Rose Xanthe, and I bought as much as I could afford and turned it into a self-drafted skirt.

liberty rose xanthe skirt

The pattern is based on my favourite skirt, purchased at H&M six years ago and worn about weekly since. Frustratingly I couldn’t find a pattern that was even close. The skirt is made up of 6 tapering panels which together add up to something like a circle. But then it’s also gathered. Extensive research yielded only patterns for gathered skirts made from rectangles or patterns for circle skirts without gathers.

I took matters into my own hands and with a lot of measuring, tracing and smoothing out of gathered fabric I made myself a pattern.

liberty xanthe rose skirt liningThe lining is identical to the main pattern, but a tiny bit shorter. I got the gorgeous pinky-orange fabric from a wonderful little haberdashery, or merceria, in Florence. It is just perfect in this skirt.

liberty rose xanthe skirt

On the waistband I’ve continued with my resolution not to use interfacing, and used cotton muslin instead. It worked a treat.

This is all a very rambling way of trying to say, I adore this skirt. I wear it all the time and it makes me happy whenever I do. The shape, the flow of the fabric as I move around, and the Liberty pattern are just delicious.

At some point I’d like to make a matching top too, but it will be fairly minimal as I don’t have much fabric left.

liberty rose xanthe skirt





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