The littlest mermaid

Already my tiny cousin is one. Happy birthday W!


I think this will be a smidge big for her, but I’m discovering that patterns for tiny people unhelpfully don’t come with measurements, just ages. Sigh.

Even if it’s too big, I hope she can enjoy these mermaids for a long time to come.


The fabric is from Heather Ross’s re-released Mendocino collection, bought (along with the matching micro pompom trim!) at the wonderful Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead.


The pattern is from Vanessa Mooncie’s book, Sew Adorable, although I actually got it in a magazine. The book looks great though – everything in it is exquisite.

I’ve decided that I like sewing for small people. I cut out and sewed this after work on a Friday, and was mostly done by about midnight, despite the finicky pompom trim. The next morning I finished the legs with their elastic and casings, and sewed on the snaps.


My mum found the buttons in Abergavenny for 6p apiece. Bargain!


Of course a summer outfit isn’t complete until you’ve got a hat. So as a bit of an afterthought I whipped up a little bonnet from Purl Soho’s free pattern, after work one evening before posting W’s present.


I’m actually now hugely obsessed with this fabric combination, even more so than I was with the Mendocino mermaids.


The bonnet is reversible – one side is leftover Liberty lawn in the pattern Edenham; the other is llama fabric which you may recognise from a recent make! I can’t get enough of how well they go together. I’m looking at my even tinier, scrappier scraps now and wondering if I could get a little top or skirt out of them with enough Frankenstein cobbling, to make a proper matching ensemble for my little cousin. I guess the longer I wait, the bigger she’ll get, and the less likely it will be to work out.



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