Perfect pyjamas 

I’ve been meaning to make a more solid pair of summer pyjamas for ages, given the amount of wear I get out of my two pairs of Lakeside pjs. But they’re a bit indiscreet when my mum has friends round for dinner, and I’ve been hankering after a more classic option.

I chose to make Closet Case Files’ Carolyn Pyjamas partly because Canadians are awesome and partly because it’s really the best classic pj pattern out there at the moment.

I used a woven stripe double gauze from Miss Matatabi which is super soft. About two weeks after buying the fabric, a wider stripe became available and I do slightly wish I’d used that instead, but hey-ho, what I’ve got is still pretty perfect.

I wanted to keep things simple so I omitted the piping in the pattern. I’m also rather chuffed with my stripe matching generally, given the reluctance of double gauze to stay still when going through the machine.

Buttons were purchased after much pawing through boxes of  vintage treasure at The Workroom in Toronto. I like how soft they are.


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