Snowdrops in September 

I was totally smitten with Named Clothing’s new collection when it recently launched, in particular the Tuuli dress. I’d actually been scouring the Internet for a pattern like the Tuuli for a few months, to dressify some stunning jersey (print: my beloved Hesketh) I had picked up in the summer at the Liberty sale. 

I took a day off and set to dressmaking! 

I just love this dress. It’s so comfortable and gorgeous and soft and fine, and moves like a dream. But I really do need to get a better sewing machine. Even just having a straight stretch stitch would be a huge improvement. 


4 thoughts on “Snowdrops in September ”

  1. Beautiful! I am lining up this pattern in a Liberty Jersey too….am tossing up between this print in navy or perhaps a larger scale design? So great to see how yours has turned out!

    1. Hi Emma, the only thing I’d say about this dress in Liberty jersey is that the fabric is stretchier and drapier than expected. In particular, the back bodice grows quite a bit when worn due to the weight of the skirt. If doing it again I might interface the back to help control the stretch.

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