This week I’ve been plugging away at an utterly pointless crocheted doodle during my daily commute, between finishing Silas Marner and starting In Defence of Politics.

Made using a 1.25mm hook and Anchor linen crochet thread
Made using a 1.25mm hook and Anchor linen crochet thread

I’m slightly overexcited by how pretty it is; but it has absolutely no function whatsoever and William Morris would give me a telling-off. No matter – I’ve already started another.

I also thought, walking home from work past Big Ben, that it would be awesome to do a crocheted version of the clock face’s lattice-work. Whether or not to include the Roman numerals is the next debate…


Cats and cushion covers

For one reason and another I have recently ended up making lots of simple cushion covers.

This has pleased Greymalkin, my neighbour’s cat, immensely. (Nb. in real life Gremmie probably has some awful name like “Muffin” or “Snowball”; but when he hangs out with me he gets a noble title and Jellicle status to reflect this.)


I started with a glance at this youtube tutorial for making very simple cushion covers, then sliced right into my utterly gorgeous feathered fabric. Twenty minutes later I had two exquisite little cushions for Greymalkin to loll on.

Fabric: “Feathers” in olive from Martha Negley’s “Farmington” range.

Last night I was on a bit of a roll having just climbed a mountain, and dug out some scraps and swatches left from when I made the window seat cover to cobble together another cushion cover in a similar vein.

Greymalkin seems to like it!


IMG_8670 IMG_8674 IMG_8680

Planting dragon’s teeth

So here we go: the rate at which I’m making things has exceeded the rate at which people on Facebook care; so now I have a blog through which to pour my compulsive makings into the void. In the last week alone I’ve knitted a scarf, sewn two ties, carved a pumpkin, and made several batches of muffins; all in my after-work hours. Hopefully blogging will slow the rate of creation down to something more manageable. On the other hand, this may feed my compulsion even more. We’ll see.