More from The Wool Croft‘s sale! I did do well there… I picked up some glittery ribbon yarn (Louisa Harding’s Sari Ribbon) plus two balls of Rowan Drift in coffee colours. All together (one lunchtime at the office…) these became an arm knitted cowl for a close family friend. Another gift it was hard to part with!

metallic arm knitting

The colours are just wonderful together. Like salted caramel and coffee.

metallic arm knitting metallic arm knitting metallic arm knitting

Major thanks are due to Usman, for having painstakingly untangled the sari ribbon as I arm knitted towards him from the other end of the skein.


Armed and dangerous

Oh my goodness I am addicted. Arm knitting. Arm knitting. It is fantastic. I watched a video and off I went. 25 minutes later I had a scarf like a mermaid’s hair, fishermans-netty and soft.




I used one ball each of Rowan Big Wool and Debbie Bliss Roma.

It took a while to get used to how to form stitches consistently. For the first few rows I found the stitches made on my right arm were twisted, and fixed it. Looking at the video on YouTube, all their stitches were twisted so that’s my excuse!

Before: twisted stitches

After: proper stitches