Now we are 2.0

So I posted a few weeks ago about the bloomers and bonnet I made for my little cousin’s 2nd birthday. I didn’t have much time and I was waiting for a sewing pattern to arrive, so I had to send that adorable but incomplete outfit across the pond to Canada in time for W’s birthday.

But the pattern arrived and the final piece of the puzzle is now in place. 

This is the Colombe top from Citronille. I had fun with online dictionaries and my rusty French A-level translating the instructions, but generally it was pretty easy and I love the result! I just wish it came in bigger sizes – 2 years is the maximum. 

I used some sweet cotton clipdot from my stash, red rickrack, and spare red buttons which I think were  from my first ever knitting project. 

Can I have one too? 


Now we are two

My sweet little cousin across the pond is already turning two! Last year she got a romper and bonnet/blouse set. This year she’s getting… apples! And hedgehogs, and some Liberty fabric from her great-grandmother.


Bloomers pattern from Wiksten. Bonnet pattern free from Purl Soho. Apple/hedgehog double gauze from Miss Matatabi. Vintage tana lawn from my Grannie.


After my little cousin’s dungarees proved colossally too big, I whipped up a wee halterneck top/dress for her out of cobbled together scraps, so she would have something to wear with her bonnet this summer. 

Here’s the front:

Here’s the back:

I guess it could also work as a skirt in a pinch. 

I loosely followed this pattern from Purl Soho. 

I’m honoured that she stood up unaided for the first time wearing my full alpaca-Liberty outfit. 

 What a sweetheart! 

The littlest mermaid

Already my tiny cousin is one. Happy birthday W!


I think this will be a smidge big for her, but I’m discovering that patterns for tiny people unhelpfully don’t come with measurements, just ages. Sigh.

Even if it’s too big, I hope she can enjoy these mermaids for a long time to come.


The fabric is from Heather Ross’s re-released Mendocino collection, bought (along with the matching micro pompom trim!) at the wonderful Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead.


The pattern is from Vanessa Mooncie’s book, Sew Adorable, although I actually got it in a magazine. The book looks great though – everything in it is exquisite.

I’ve decided that I like sewing for small people. I cut out and sewed this after work on a Friday, and was mostly done by about midnight, despite the finicky pompom trim. The next morning I finished the legs with their elastic and casings, and sewed on the snaps.


My mum found the buttons in Abergavenny for 6p apiece. Bargain!


Of course a summer outfit isn’t complete until you’ve got a hat. So as a bit of an afterthought I whipped up a little bonnet from Purl Soho’s free pattern, after work one evening before posting W’s present.


I’m actually now hugely obsessed with this fabric combination, even more so than I was with the Mendocino mermaids.


The bonnet is reversible – one side is leftover Liberty lawn in the pattern Edenham; the other is llama fabric which you may recognise from a recent make! I can’t get enough of how well they go together. I’m looking at my even tinier, scrappier scraps now and wondering if I could get a little top or skirt out of them with enough Frankenstein cobbling, to make a proper matching ensemble for my little cousin. I guess the longer I wait, the bigger she’ll get, and the less likely it will be to work out.



Happy new year! My resolution this year is to knit myself a jumper. With all the knitting I’ve done, I’ve only ever made myself one jumper, and I kind of hate it. It was a bulky/easy project that I made to prove I could make a jumper, and I only wear it now when the boiler breaks down. First step in my new jumper mission will be to translate the pattern from Japanese…

I’ve been enjoying knitting more thouggt-through things recently. For Christmas I made my sweet little cousin another Wowligan (inspired by the finest My Little Pony colours of my youth), and a Wiksten lamb hat.

rainbow wowligan and wiksten lamb hat

Too much cuteness!

The Wowligan is knitted out of Debbie Bliss baby yarns and the rabbit and phone buttons came from Cloth House on Berwick Street; the lamb hat is made out of something fluffy I picked up at John Lewis.

rainbow wowligan rainbow wowligan

Wiksten lamb hat 2015-12-21 19.30.23 Wiksten lamb hat

Here’s my cousin hanging out in her animal disguises:

… And with her mum (of whose hat, more next time…)


Welsh Wowligan

It’s been a summer of small people. A friend from university is having a baby (!) with his wife (!) imminently, and I made the wee Welshperson a jumper.

In the nick of time Scottish knitting maestro Kate Davies published her long-awaited Wowligan pattern. This is a cardigan version of her Owlet jumper. Anyway, the day she published Wowligan, I started knitting!

wowligan wowligan wowligan wowligan

This pattern was great. I added stripes to make it more interesting – and Welsh! I think for future editions of this pattern I will do the owls’ eyes in knit rather than purl if doing them in colour work. The purls make it look a bit like the owls are crying.

You can see this project on Ravelry here. Unbelievably I have the honour of having posted the very first finished Wowligan on Ravelry!