Christmas 2016 (part 2)

Too many photos for one post! Here are the rest. 


Christmas 2016 (part 1)

So now that it’s March 2017 I should probably have already posted about all the crafting that kept me occupied up to Christmas. Last year I did individual posts for each item (!). This year it’s too high a hurdle for me, as evidenced by my already infrequent blogging.

En bref, Christmas 2016:

  • 1 duffel bag
  • 2 baable hats
  • 8 zip pouches
  • 1 fleecy bonnet
  • 1 fleecy raccoon gilet
  • 2 eye patches
  • 2 scrunchies
  • 1 knitted scarf
  • 1 lavender sachet
  • 1 tote bag

Here are some pictures:

Santa’s Workshop 2014

Christmas happened. And as I still haven’t got over my sheer disgust at the shopping experience, most of my presents were, as usual, home-made.

Working full time and doing a Masters in the evenings is reducing my making-time, so I couldn’t be as ambitious as last year. To make up for time-poverty I used extra wonderful materials – lots of Liberty, lots of Adriafil yarn and lots of exciting zippers. And then of course a cousin ended up with something made out of my old trousers. Which I didn’t get a decent picture of… Sorry!

The list:

  • 6 boxy pouches, including ones lined in Liberty Kilburn Rose, Alexandra and Queue for the Zoo
  • 1 glasses case in Hat Box Tiger Stripes and Libery Queue for the Zoo
  • 2 sketchbooks covered in Hat Box Tiger Stripes
  • 3 notebooks covered in Liberty Edenham, Branchflower and Solsetur
  • 1 self-drafted skirt with box pleats and pockets in a vintage Liberty tana lawn
  • 3 pairs of socks in Adriafil Stella Jacq and Knitcol

The Grand Reveal: Christmas 2013

This year I only bought one Christmas present – and it was a bit of an afterthought anyway. The one bought present was a pack of 6 Le Corbusier notecards, for my dad to send me letters with, purchased from an awesome little shop in Abergavenny called FortySix. Incidentally, they also had a big book of treehouses from Phaidon, but I resisted the temptation and turned my energies towards my own gingerbread treehouse instead.

Here’s what I made for people:

  • A dress
  • Several ties
  • Two bobble hats (the pompom was added later to one…)
  • Change purses
  • A reversible bow-tie
  • A pair of socks
  • A shawl/collar thing
  • A skirt
  • A long scarf
  • Coffee cup sleeves

And here are some photos of the above:

I’m looking forward to being able to make some stuff for myself, finally! And get a move on turning some of the stacks of Liberty fabric I’ve accumulated this year into clothes, especially now that the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of prints has now launched. Luckily, I don’t truly covet any of the ones I’ve seen – so far!

Gingerbread treehouse: part 2 – in which, liquorice

Now that I’ve sufficiently calmed down (actually, I’m still way too over-excited, but no matter) about my lovely little gingerbread treehouse, I can introduce it properly to you – liquorice ladders and all.


The ladders are made from liquorice glued together with icing. They’re a bit bendy, but I hope that the air will harden them eventually (but not too much – I want them to be edible after Christmas!).

IMG_8843 IMG_8836IMG_8848 IMG_8834 IMG_8833 IMG_8832

Stained glass windows are a bit of a family gingerbread tradition. The treehouse has them on every side except the floor. I’m especially pleased with how well some of the larger windows turned out. Next year I might try for something a bit more modern, with big glazed sections. Or maybe just another treehouse!


Minus 16

I think my dad could do with a hat for Christmas. My aunt emailed last night to tell me it was -16C in Toronto the other day, so I’ll be sure to bring lots of jumpers when I fly over next week. And this hat for my dad.


On the weekend I was in Abergavenny, and bought two balls of Adriafil Stella Jacq yarn at the fabulous Wool Croft. Last night I started knitting one of them into a hat.


The pattern is just k2, p2 ribbing, knitted in the round (80 sts to a round). After about 8 inches I started to decrease; when I was down to around 10 sts I looped my crochet hook through and pulled it taught. Done!

Isn’t the jumper awesome?! I wore it in to work today as it was Christmas Jumper Day. But actually, I’d prefer to wear it always. It was my uncle’s when he was little in the 1950s.


The bizarre thing is that when I got on the Tube this evening to come home, a woman got on at the same stop and sat next to me. She pulled out her knitting; I pulled out mine. She was making a striped dress for her baby daughter; I was making a striped hat for my dad. Half an hour later, she got off at the same stop as me; then caught the same bus… and then got off at the same bus stop! I managed to shake her off in the labyrinthine aisles of the supermarket, where she had also headed: at any rate, she didn’t make it all the way home with me.IMG_8819