Replacement hat

My mum lost a hat I’d made a few years ago (you can see it here) on a train in Italy at some point, so I made her a replacement for Christmas. Luckily I had some yarn left over! It’s long-discontinued Noro Kogarashi yarn. The old hat was a bit greener and greyer and reminded me of the trolls in Frozen. This one is a bit more like a kingfisher, which I think is an improvement. 


Baa-ble hat

After making Mr Donk  I had some yarn left over. I’ve admired Donna Smith’s Baa-ble Hat pattern for some time, so stocked up on extra colours of Rowan felted tweed DK and set to work. 

I adjusted the pattern for the thinner yarn by casting on 120 stitches in the first place, thereby neatly avoiding the increase at the top of the ribbing. 

I’m obsessed with these colours. My mum wants one too, but I’ll have to find new colour combinations. I think I’ll have a flock of these hats soon enough. 


Happy new year! My resolution this year is to knit myself a jumper. With all the knitting I’ve done, I’ve only ever made myself one jumper, and I kind of hate it. It was a bulky/easy project that I made to prove I could make a jumper, and I only wear it now when the boiler breaks down. First step in my new jumper mission will be to translate the pattern from Japanese…

I’ve been enjoying knitting more thouggt-through things recently. For Christmas I made my sweet little cousin another Wowligan (inspired by the finest My Little Pony colours of my youth), and a Wiksten lamb hat.

rainbow wowligan and wiksten lamb hat

Too much cuteness!

The Wowligan is knitted out of Debbie Bliss baby yarns and the rabbit and phone buttons came from Cloth House on Berwick Street; the lamb hat is made out of something fluffy I picked up at John Lewis.

rainbow wowligan rainbow wowligan

Wiksten lamb hat 2015-12-21 19.30.23 Wiksten lamb hat

Here’s my cousin hanging out in her animal disguises:

… And with her mum (of whose hat, more next time…)


The Grand Reveal: Christmas 2013

This year I only bought one Christmas present – and it was a bit of an afterthought anyway. The one bought present was a pack of 6 Le Corbusier notecards, for my dad to send me letters with, purchased from an awesome little shop in Abergavenny called FortySix. Incidentally, they also had a big book of treehouses from Phaidon, but I resisted the temptation and turned my energies towards my own gingerbread treehouse instead.

Here’s what I made for people:

  • A dress
  • Several ties
  • Two bobble hats (the pompom was added later to one…)
  • Change purses
  • A reversible bow-tie
  • A pair of socks
  • A shawl/collar thing
  • A skirt
  • A long scarf
  • Coffee cup sleeves

And here are some photos of the above:

I’m looking forward to being able to make some stuff for myself, finally! And get a move on turning some of the stacks of Liberty fabric I’ve accumulated this year into clothes, especially now that the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of prints has now launched. Luckily, I don’t truly covet any of the ones I’ve seen – so far!

Minus 16

I think my dad could do with a hat for Christmas. My aunt emailed last night to tell me it was -16C in Toronto the other day, so I’ll be sure to bring lots of jumpers when I fly over next week. And this hat for my dad.


On the weekend I was in Abergavenny, and bought two balls of Adriafil Stella Jacq yarn at the fabulous Wool Croft. Last night I started knitting one of them into a hat.


The pattern is just k2, p2 ribbing, knitted in the round (80 sts to a round). After about 8 inches I started to decrease; when I was down to around 10 sts I looped my crochet hook through and pulled it taught. Done!

Isn’t the jumper awesome?! I wore it in to work today as it was Christmas Jumper Day. But actually, I’d prefer to wear it always. It was my uncle’s when he was little in the 1950s.


The bizarre thing is that when I got on the Tube this evening to come home, a woman got on at the same stop and sat next to me. She pulled out her knitting; I pulled out mine. She was making a striped dress for her baby daughter; I was making a striped hat for my dad. Half an hour later, she got off at the same stop as me; then caught the same bus… and then got off at the same bus stop! I managed to shake her off in the labyrinthine aisles of the supermarket, where she had also headed: at any rate, she didn’t make it all the way home with me.IMG_8819