In a last minute bid to prepare myself for my summer trip to Canada I made myself some snail trousers. I also made a linen stripe tee a few weeks back and forgot to blog it, so here they are together. 

The trousers are the Luna Pants pattern by Made By Rae, and sewn in Heather Ross’s Sleeping Porch cotton lawn. Everything about these trousers is perfect – from the fit, to the soft lawn, to the pockets, to the subdued and sophisticated print which on second glance turns out to be just hundreds of snails…

The tee is another Named Clothing Inari Tee. For this one I lengthened the front by 3″ and the back by 5″, and played around with stripes and pockets. The fabric is linen-cotton which I bought a few years ago at John Lewis intending to sew a shirred dress, but never managed to (but I did use some for this knitting bag). Anyway, this tee is great and I love the length. 


The littlest mermaid

Already my tiny cousin is one. Happy birthday W!


I think this will be a smidge big for her, but I’m discovering that patterns for tiny people unhelpfully don’t come with measurements, just ages. Sigh.

Even if it’s too big, I hope she can enjoy these mermaids for a long time to come.


The fabric is from Heather Ross’s re-released Mendocino collection, bought (along with the matching micro pompom trim!) at the wonderful Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead.


The pattern is from Vanessa Mooncie’s book, Sew Adorable, although I actually got it in a magazine. The book looks great though – everything in it is exquisite.

I’ve decided that I like sewing for small people. I cut out and sewed this after work on a Friday, and was mostly done by about midnight, despite the finicky pompom trim. The next morning I finished the legs with their elastic and casings, and sewed on the snaps.


My mum found the buttons in Abergavenny for 6p apiece. Bargain!


Of course a summer outfit isn’t complete until you’ve got a hat. So as a bit of an afterthought I whipped up a little bonnet from Purl Soho’s free pattern, after work one evening before posting W’s present.


I’m actually now hugely obsessed with this fabric combination, even more so than I was with the Mendocino mermaids.


The bonnet is reversible – one side is leftover Liberty lawn in the pattern Edenham; the other is llama fabric which you may recognise from a recent make! I can’t get enough of how well they go together. I’m looking at my even tinier, scrappier scraps now and wondering if I could get a little top or skirt out of them with enough Frankenstein cobbling, to make a proper matching ensemble for my little cousin. I guess the longer I wait, the bigger she’ll get, and the less likely it will be to work out.


Once upon a unicorn

So I mentioned in my last post both that I have a serious Heather Ross fabric obsession, and that I had made my beautiful new cousin a quilt!

I actually made this in April but have had to wait to blog it until it was the gift was given.

Here’s the quilt:

heather ross quilt
The backing is some brushed cotton from Japan that was sent to me in error, and the seller told me to keep it when she sent the right stuff. It’s gorgeous and soft and the perfect colour.

heather ross quilt heather ross quilt heather ross quilt heather ross quilt

And here’s the cousin getting to grips with it:

heather ross quilt avec bebe

Strawberry fields

I have an ongoing obsession with Heather Ross’s fabrics. Aside from Liberty it’s about the only fabric I buy compulsively, scouring the four corners of the Internet to buy little scraps of discontinued perfection.

So when The Village Haberdashery announced on instagram that it had a roll of Heather Ross jersey I snapped up 3 metres of it without hesitation.

It’s been really busy for the past few weeks – lots of seeing friends and cultural activities being crammed into my normally desolate schedule in the lead up to my big Canada visit. But somehow in between three social engagements on the Sunday before I flew to Toronto I managed to bash out this Moneta dress.

heather ross moneta dress

This is my second Moneta. The first was made out of sweatshirting, and I used that as an excuse for why it is tight. But this one is also tight, so next time I’ll make a bigger size to have a slouchier fit. I altered the neckline into a scoop, but the dress gapes a bit at the front (despite its tightness everywhere else) so next time I’ll make the shoulders narrower.

heather ross moneta dress
So yes I did balance my phone in the branches of a tree to take this photo. Askew!

heather ross moneta dress heather ross moneta dress heather ross moneta dress

Howsoever, this dress is still great. I wore it all over Toronto to visit relatives last week and every one of them liked it. My Grannie wants one for her too! I think I might have enough fabric left to make her a boat neck top. But then my beautiful new little cousin ought to have something in this fabric, because she has a matching quilt (see next post)! Perhaps I’ll just need to get more fabric…