Winter warmer

This year my mum asked me to knit her a hat for Christmas, to replace one she’d lost, so I sewed her a dress. I also knit her the hat, but wanted to make her something she wouldn’t leave on the train!

The fabric is Liberty “Poppytot” fluffy sweatshirt in which I hot as a remnant about two years ago (half price! What a steal). I already made myself this sweatshirt from it last year and there was thankfully still enough left for a dress.

For the pattern, I used the Grainline Studio Lark Tee as a base, but added darts and length, and altered the neckline largely in line with New Look K6145. I sized up one because of the thickness of the fabric, and also added patch pockets.


Now we are two

My sweet little cousin across the pond is already turning two! Last year she got a romper and bonnet/blouse set. This year she’s getting… apples! And hedgehogs, and some Liberty fabric from her great-grandmother.


Bloomers pattern from Wiksten. Bonnet pattern free from Purl Soho. Apple/hedgehog double gauze from Miss Matatabi. Vintage tana lawn from my Grannie.

Snowdrops in September 

I was totally smitten with Named Clothing’s new collection when it recently launched, in particular the Tuuli dress. I’d actually been scouring the Internet for a pattern like the Tuuli for a few months, to dressify some stunning jersey (print: my beloved Hesketh) I had picked up in the summer at the Liberty sale. 

I took a day off and set to dressmaking! 

I just love this dress. It’s so comfortable and gorgeous and soft and fine, and moves like a dream. But I really do need to get a better sewing machine. Even just having a straight stretch stitch would be a huge improvement. 

Sweating it

A year ago, I made a sweatshirt in delicious fluffy-backed liberty sweatshirt fabric in one of my favourite prints, Hesketh. I’d self-drafted it based on my very first self-drafted sweatshirt, which sadly shrank lengthwise by about 6 inches the first time it was ever washed. It’s now a mainstay of my winter pyjamas, but nonetheless, tragic. 

So I carefully pre-washed my fabric and cut a new sweatshirt out of the Hesketh. And… It was still pretty tragic! The fabric this time stretched, so it was falling off my shoulders and the sleeves drowning my already apeishly long arms. I wore it on weekends sometimes, but generally just felt bad about it whenever I looked at it.  

Thankfully, its  enormity gave me a bit of wriggle room. I sliced it apart at the seams this weekend and managed to salvage the front and back pieces, and then miraculously had enough left over for new sleeves, cuffs, neckband and waistband. I recut it into a slightly modified (wider neck!) Apollon sweatshirt, my first experience of French I AM Patterns

I’m delighted! Its such a relief that it’s wearable now, and just in time for autumn. 

The pattern itself was a bit dodgy – firstly, my printer only printed some of the lines (!), and secondly, even on screen there were no notches to tell the front from the back of the sleeves. Anyway, it all came together and I’m very grateful for this pattern having rescued what seemed like a lost-cause project. 

As a basic, quick pattern, it’s brilliant. I like the set-in sleeves much more than the raglan sleeves of the Linden sweatshirt I made many moons ago (and have since given to a friend… Raglan sleeves and I don’t mix), and I look forward to making more. 

One sweatshirt clearly wasn’t enough, so on the same day I also whipped up another Named Clothing Sloane sweatshirt. This one’s in the same Liberty fleece, the print is apparently called Poppytot. I got 3m as a half price remnant at Liberty last winter. Hopefully still enough left to make my mum a dress. 

The Sloane sweatshirt remains a perfect pattern. The darts make it just a bit sophisticated. I’ve just printed out the Tuuli pattern from Named Clothing’s new range and I have very high hopes (watch this space). 


After my little cousin’s dungarees proved colossally too big, I whipped up a wee halterneck top/dress for her out of cobbled together scraps, so she would have something to wear with her bonnet this summer. 

Here’s the front:

Here’s the back:

I guess it could also work as a skirt in a pinch. 

I loosely followed this pattern from Purl Soho. 

I’m honoured that she stood up unaided for the first time wearing my full alpaca-Liberty outfit. 

 What a sweetheart!