Let them eat brioche

This is the only Christmas gift I’ve made which I can post early as it’s for my 94-year-old Grannie, who even if she did read this post would forget it in a few hours. I’ve been quietly beavering away for months on all sorts of other things (to be revealed soon!). 

This is the first time I’ve knitted brioche stitch, and I really like it! So squishy and warm. I like how it turned out a bit like a candy cane, although I’m sure my Grannie would prefer purple! 

I vaguely followed this pattern from Purl Soho, but only cast on 120 stitches. Yarn is various leftover bits and bobs – some from this sweater, and some from one my mum made a few years ago. 


Now we are two

My sweet little cousin across the pond is already turning two! Last year she got a romper and bonnet/blouse set. This year she’s getting… apples! And hedgehogs, and some Liberty fabric from her great-grandmother.


Bloomers pattern from Wiksten. Bonnet pattern free from Purl Soho. Apple/hedgehog double gauze from Miss Matatabi. Vintage tana lawn from my Grannie.


After my little cousin’s dungarees proved colossally too big, I whipped up a wee halterneck top/dress for her out of cobbled together scraps, so she would have something to wear with her bonnet this summer. 

Here’s the front:

Here’s the back:

I guess it could also work as a skirt in a pinch. 

I loosely followed this pattern from Purl Soho. 

I’m honoured that she stood up unaided for the first time wearing my full alpaca-Liberty outfit. 

 What a sweetheart!