Did anyone else watch Polka Dot Shorts on TVO in the early nineties? Probably not because I’m one of the only Canadians I know. Anyway, when I finished these shorts that’s all I could think about. I actually watched a whole episode on Youtube after finishing these (Ode to Bibble – I rather enjoyed it), and my sense of unease that these shorts are a) humungous and b) comical has not dissipated at all.

Anyway, here they are:

More lovely Rae Ritchie raccoon fabric, the same stuff I made my robe out of. I used the free Simplicity pattern 0501, which I think is no longer around on the internet but I thankfully had a copy saved to my computer. It’s not a great pattern (no side seams = no chance of pockets) but I’ve used and modified it once before to make my own sloth pyjamas.

Fingers crossed these things actually fit the birthday boy… At any rate, they should generate some laughs.


After giving, I took about 6 inches off of these. Here are the new, sensible-length shorts:


Raccoon cocoon

Everyone seems to be making robes at the moment. When I was in Toronto at Christmas I popped into The Workroom on my last day and couldn’t bear not to get a significant meterage of Rae Ritchie’s beautiful flannel fabrics – I opted for Moon Phases and Foxtail Forest, which features owls, foxes, rabbits, squirrels and of course, raccoons.

So here’s my robe. I adapted it severely from a free pattern in my mum’s Prima magazine, because after buying the fabric I couldn’t afford to buy a pattern.

This robe is so cosy. I may never take it off. And of course, it has pockets.