Fantastic Mr Fox

Following on in the series of Valentines gifts (2016: Mr Donk), this year I somehow found time to bring Mr Fox into being.

I have so much Rowan Felted Tweed yarn after all those baable hats – it’s certainly coming in handy!

Mr Fox and Mr Donk are very good friends now, so a happy ending, and question mark for next year…


Boot socks

Note: WOW it’s been four months since I last posted, and this has been sitting in my drafts folder since November. I’ll publish this post and another from October (blushes), and then be free to move forwards into the third month of 2017!

It’s starting to get a bit chilly and that means it’s time for my dad’s birthday.

This year he got super warm, super practical boot socks.

I used the Hermione’s Everyday Socks free pattern on Ravelry, adapting it to the gauge and size I wanted. I like this pattern a lot – very easy to remember for commute knitting, and pleasing to look at and touch.

The main yarn is some old Rowan Purelife I found lying around and the cuffs, heels and toes are in a superwash  merino.

Baa-ble hat

After making Mr Donk  I had some yarn left over. I’ve admired Donna Smith’s Baa-ble Hat pattern for some time, so stocked up on extra colours of Rowan felted tweed DK and set to work. 

I adjusted the pattern for the thinner yarn by casting on 120 stitches in the first place, thereby neatly avoiding the increase at the top of the ribbing. 

I’m obsessed with these colours. My mum wants one too, but I’ll have to find new colour combinations. I think I’ll have a flock of these hats soon enough. 

Two for joy

I first blogged about this poor single sock in February 2015. I’m pleased to finally announce that it has a friend, its life is complete, it can fulfil its purpose in life. Two socks! At last! And they both more or less go over my foot.


Sadly I finished the second sock just in time for summer, so I haven’t had an opportunity to wear them both together yet. But come autumn, I predict I shall be living in these. They’re so warm! So thick! So dense!

The pattern is from Georgina Parks’s excellent book for Rowan, Sock Knitting Workshop. It was a great pattern for learning fairisle techniques – easy to remember but great to look at.


The yarns I used for these are potentially awkward bedfellows – the purple-blue is scrumptious Rowan Fine Art sock wool. The pink stuff was dirt cheap – only £1 at Tiger – and is fluffy and rough. But I think the combination looks good at least.

I chose the colours based on a really vivid dream I had when I was about four years old, about a beautiful pink and purple fish I saw walking (in my dream) with my dad through Toronto’s Chinatown. Twenty-two years later, here I am knitting a sock in its memory.

I think the afterthought heel is a bit of a problem in this pattern, because the fairisle just doesn’t have enough stretch to take it. Hence my difficulties with getting these socks on (and off). I have already lined up my next pair of socks to knit, using this Japanese pattern. They have a gusset, so I’m hopeful that the heel shaping will be marginally better.




Pin the tail on the donkey

I have this ongoing crush on Rowan’s felted tweed wool, and keep buying a ball of it here and there with not much idea of what to do with it.

Thankfully Mr Donk has provided me with a productive excuse for snapping up two additional colours.

Mr Donk gets his tail pinned on

And when I finished Mr Donk, I had enough of each colour left to set aside for a much-coveted baa-ble hat. And also an excuse to buy some new firey orange and stone blue felted tweed for the ground and sky!

The donkey pattern is from Toft. I’m looking forward to making many other creatures! Perhaps I’ll have enough orange left over for the fox…

All yarn was purchased in Wales’s finest knitting shop, the Wool Croft in Abergavenny.


More from The Wool Croft‘s sale! I did do well there… I picked up some glittery ribbon yarn (Louisa Harding’s Sari Ribbon) plus two balls of Rowan Drift in coffee colours. All together (one lunchtime at the office…) these became an arm knitted cowl for a close family friend. Another gift it was hard to part with!

metallic arm knitting

The colours are just wonderful together. Like salted caramel and coffee.

metallic arm knitting metallic arm knitting metallic arm knitting

Major thanks are due to Usman, for having painstakingly untangled the sari ribbon as I arm knitted towards him from the other end of the skein.

Striped shawl

Last year I went to visit my Grannie when I was wearing this shawl, and she said “that’s lovely”, so my mum wrapped it around her, and my Grannie said, “for me?! Thank you!”. We had to prise it off of her before leaving.

This year, I picked up rather a lot of Rowan Colourspun yarn at The Wool Croft‘s incredible sale for £2 a ball. So I decided to make a shawl like the last one for my Grannie. Here it is:

striped shawl

The pattern was free on Ravelry but knit in much larger yarn, and with bigger gaps between the eyelet rows.

striped shawl striped shawl striped shawl

It’s so so soft! Parting with it is a sweet sorrow.