Baa-ble hat

After making Mr Donk  I had some yarn left over. I’ve admired Donna Smith’s Baa-ble Hat pattern for some time, so stocked up on extra colours of Rowan felted tweed DK and set to work. 

I adjusted the pattern for the thinner yarn by casting on 120 stitches in the first place, thereby neatly avoiding the increase at the top of the ribbing. 

I’m obsessed with these colours. My mum wants one too, but I’ll have to find new colour combinations. I think I’ll have a flock of these hats soon enough. 


Counting sheep

Two sheep posts almost in a row! I hope, dear readers, this does not induce extreme sleepiness in you. On the other hand, if all this sheep sewing has tired me out, I now at least have summer pyjamas to hand.

sheep lakeside pjs

This is my second pair of Grainline Studio’s brilliant Lakeside Pyjamas. Hard to believe – the first pair was made over two years ago (pre-blog)! I’ve been wearing the first pair a lot recently, and thought it would be nice to mix it up with a new version. In case you’re wondering, version one is in Lizzy House Constellations fabric.

sheep lakeside pjssheep lakeside pjssheep lakeside pjs

The bias binding tape (as you can see in the photos) was really gross. I usually use nice soft satiny bias tape from John Lewis and it works beautifully. This stuff was from Fabricland and it is stiff and plasticky and has deformed the sheepy double gauze. Sad face!

Also I maybe only bought 3 metres of bias tape, because who ever heard of needing 7 yards of bias tape for one project?! Thankfully the tape was really wide, so I just sliced it in half down the middle, along all three metres of it. In the end I had about 30cm left over.

This project was eked out of the margins of the cutting layout I used for my mum’s Camber dress. Lots of refolding here and there and skimping on seam allowances to get the pieces out.

Despite the bias tape, these pjs are THE BEST. Also, why do Americans spell pyjamas “pajamas”? So weird. Reminds me of “llamas”.


For ewe, mum

My mum loves sheep and I love my mum. When I saw some ochre sheep double gauze at Miss Matatabi Fabric I knew what I had to do… sort of. Actually once I had finally figured out that I wanted to make a Merchant & Mills Camber Set dress, I had to go buy another metre and a half because Japanese fabric is always so much narrower than anything listed on a pattern envelope.

sheep camber dress


I sewed this on the great new sewing machine my dad bought for my mum at Christmas. It’s an Elna, it lives in Canada and it replaces the dearly departed Singer machine which my mum made all my best dresses on when I was a bairn. You can glimpse the old Singer here. According to the sewing machine repairman, it was a rubbish model with plastic gears and stuff. The new Elna works like a dream.

Anyway: the dress. Here she is. All French seams everywhere because I’m obsessed with finishes. I really hope it fits my mum! She was in England at time of sewing, so no fittings were possible. It’ll be waiting for her when she arrives in a few weeks.

sheep camber dress frontsheep camber dress front detailsheep camber dress front neck detailsheep camber dress back yoke detailsheep camber dress backsheep camber dress


I also managed to eke out a set of Lakeside pyjamas from the fabric around the edges, which I thought was fairly impressive! Pyjamas to follow in another post.

Final pic with a very dirty window and orange day-lilies outside:

sheep camber dress