Cutting it short 

I love the Named Clothing Inari dress I made at Easter, so I followed up with a totally un-customised, straight from the pattern Inari Tee.

It’s in Nani Iro double gauze with lovely pearlescent dots which I got (for free! First competition I’ve ever won, and the most I’ve ever wanted to win sonething) from Miss Matatabi (much more from this generous haul to follow).

I love it, it’s great with my high waisted skirts and smart trousers at the office; but at the same time it’s too short to wear casually unless I get / make some high waisted jeans. So I’m going to make more of these, but a bit longer. Watch this space!

Summer rays

I made a Breton style top! Now it’s just up to the sun to get a move on and start shining.

I used lovely heavy Japanese knit cotton in olive-gold and white stripes.

The pattern I used was Grainline Studio’s Lark Tee – it’s a great pattern and comes together fast, but as usual I fell between three sizes. I cut the middle one but I think I’d cut the larger size next time, on account of my wide shoulders. I also cropped a few inches off the bottom which I think was a good idea. It’s just the right length. I’m not convinced by 3/4 length sleeves, but they look fine rolled up and that’s how I’m planning on wearing this top anyway. Plus I’ve already managed to get strawberry juice on the inner elbow, which sleeve rolling happily conceals.  

No matter – it’s a great top and I hope to wear it lots this summer.

Troubled waters

It’s been a pretty grim couple of weeks in the UK. Rain, politics, and work have been a bit unrelenting.

However, I did find time last week to start mentally preparing myself to sail away from all these tempests (on holiday!), staying up late one night to convert a recent gem from the Liberty summer sale into a fantastic Sloane sweatshirt from Named Clothing.

I’ve only made one other Named thing – my Leini dress – but it got me a bit hooked. The Sloane sweatshirt is every bit as good – elegant, comfortable and easily wearable. I actually wore it to work this week  without criticism.


A couple of years ago I made my mum a beautiful dress covered in pears using Liberty jersey fabric in the pattern Jack and Charlie. At the same time, I’d bought some lantana in the blue colour way of this pattern, intending to make her a mod shift dress. But I think you can have too many pear dresses quite quickly, so instead I made a loose-fitting, slightly bohemian blouse. The drape and softness of the lantana are just gorgeous. I wish I could afford to make myself pyjamas out of this fabric. Sigh.

Jack and Charlie Liberty blouse

The pattern came from my mum’s back issues of Prima magazine, and I don’t think much of it. I added French seams everywhere to make it extra special.